The Really Nearly Deadly Ghost Tour

This weekend we went to Pt. Lonsdale at the entrance of Port Philip Bay. Near Pt. Lonsdale there is Queenscliff, a really interesting little town that was became a fort in the late 1800’s when Victoria felt that the Russians and others would want to invade the Colony because of its gold.

On Saturday night we went to have dinner at the Royal Hotel, which has an imposing structure. We had a lovely meal, but we got more into the bargain. My son, who is 10, wrote a story and here it is. He is a guest poster in this one.

As I walked down the stairs with Pene, Guido and Terry, the ghost tour guide, I could feel the floorboards sagging beneath me, and the floorboards groaning above. When we reached the bottom step, we didn’t realise that the cellar of the Royal Hotel in Queenscliff, was actually once a morgue.

Terry guides us to the bar where he begins to tell us the story of a paranormal incident, which took place in the very room we were standing in.

Terry told us what had happened one day when two men came down into the bar for a drink. They ordered their drinks and the bartender brought them over to the table they were sitting at. They were about to pick up their beers when they heard girls giggling and the next thing they knew, their beers were knocked off the table and smashed on the floor. It is known that the ghosts are the two young daughters of the Leigh family, who sadly drowned nearby and were stored in the basement overnight before their journey to Geelong, a day’s horse and cart ride away. It is believed that during this time their spirits escaped and now haunt the hotel running along corridors and giggling into the night.

Terry also told us about other ghosts, which inhabit the hotel, like the little girl who also sadly drowned in a natural well under the hotel. The well was bricked off, but sometimes a child’s footsteps are seen in the sand near where the well was located.

There was also a ghost on the third floor who got angry if people left lights on! He used to smoke cigars, and people claim that they can still smell the smoke!

I felt spooked hearing these stories. You can really feel a presence in the underground rooms and the floor above! It is like something or someone is … watching … you…
Nevertheless, I would still like to go back one day with Terry, Pene and Guido to the basement and the third floor.

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