My submission for Marriage Equality

Apparently the current Senate Inquiry into Marriage Equality has just been swamped by thousands of anti-gay submissions from the Religious Right, and tomorrow is the last day to make a submission.

The inquiry aims to gauge the level of support for marriage equality across Australia.

This is my submission:

This is my submission to your inquiry into marriage equality. I fully endorse the submission made by Australian Marriage Equality in favour of the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009.

I am heterosexual. And as such I have the right to get married or not. I am in a permanent relationship but not married and I have a 10 year old son. That has been my choice. However if my partner and I decided to get married we could. Two people of the same gender

That’s inherently unfair and should not occur in a just and equal society.

My son’s godmother is gay and has been in a relationship. His first wedding he attended was between two males who could get married because one of the partners was British, a country that has more enlightened attitudes towards gay marriage than Australia.

What I hope he sees is that love, need for affection and intimacy and the right for these to be expressed in marriage are the same whether from a heterosexual or homosexual couple.

Many who oppose marriage equality want to impose a religious code that has no place in a secular society. Religious institutions have every right to impose their codes and rules amongst their followers, but they can’t for everyone else.

Love is love. We should not relegate one type as second class by preventing people from marrying.


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2 responses to “My submission for Marriage Equality

  1. Daphon

    A really nice submission; what you say is so true.

    Your son is lucky to have such a considerate father.

    Take care.

  2. Thanks Daphon! Credit should also go to his mum as well 🙂

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