Is Melbourne Victory the Hawthorn of the A League?

Hawthorn hasn’t been able to get into the AFL finals and consequently won’t be able to defend its title.

There seems to be a pattern of ‘premiership hangover’ with teams from different codes.

This seems to be especially the case in the A-League, where a championship meant a poor performance the following year, as this graph shows.

Championship team position subsequent year

Championship team position subsequent year

Often this slump occurs because players who are in the top team are poached by others either in the A-League or overseas.

However this time Melbourne Victory fans were quietly confident. The team remained more or less intact. Carlos Hernandez remained at the Victory. And there were some additions like Surat Sukha which is one of the top players in Thailand.

However the results so far are not encouraging that Melbourne Victory will be able to escape the trend.

Two losses, one come from behind draw and a win against what is arguably the weakest team in the competition does not inspire much confidence.

Hopefully there are plenty of matches to come. But Melbourne Victory supporters are edgy.

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