The Barnaby Joyce guide to be a real refugee


Well, we now know how to be a real refugee according to Senator Barnaby Joyce.    The first thing is not to look happy.  According to
Senator Joyce said all the people he had seen at Christmas Island detention centre ‘‘seem very happy here — which is a concern’’.

So you have to be miserable and sad.  Of course that how refugees stuck in the prisons of Woomera and the like under the previous Howard regime were.  In fact they were so unhappy in that hole that they drank shampoo and sew their lips.  Maybe Senator Joyce would like to return to those times.  Maybe treating asylum seekers as human beings and actually see people that have escaped terrible situations ‘happy’ is a sure sign that  we have been taken for a ride.   So dear asylum seekers, when you see the Senator on with your long faces.  You can have a giggle after he left for Canberra.

Also don’t be health conscious because we know that poor refugees are ignorant, poor and don’t know how to be healthy.  You’ll have to wait for us intelligent affluent westerners to teach you how to look after yourselves (after which we expect eternal gratitude).  Senator Joyce said people he saw were ‘‘very health conscious — many have arrived with their multi-vitamin tablets.   Heaven forbid.  But then again if you are sick you will be seen as ‘being a burden on the Australian health system payed by the Australian taxpayer’.  So you can see you can’t win either way.

Shadow immigration minister Sharman Stone said immigration controls were in ‘‘total chaos’’.   ‘‘The Rudd Government has lost control of who comes into Australia,’’ she said.  Comparing to other countries the rate of arrival of those seeking asylum by boat (which is always smaller to those flying) is miniscule.

The Coalition has learned nothing about using fear to get votes.  The whole Tampa/Children overboard episode was a shameful episode in Australian political history that should not be repeated. Australian society is poorer for having xenophobia as a motivator to vote for the Coalition during that time.  It is dreadful that like a wild animal that has tasted human blood once they still baiting for it.

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