Sign of how much importance some media gives to football?

I try not to be one of these ‘chip on your shoulder’ Association Football supporters that bores the shit out of everyone with all the stories about how ‘soccer’ is being treated by the media etc. But sometimes you wonder.

Have a look at this page from the Herald Sun from Friday, September 25 (thanks to someone’s on the ‘four four two forum’ for scanning this).
Now, for those who don’t know this item features the match played last Saturday between Gold Coast United and Melbourne Victory in the A-League.

The comparable teams in the National Rugby League are Melbourne Storm and the Gold Coast Titans.

You can see that whoever did that feature at the Herald-Sun got all of it mixed up. Gold Coast United have been named ‘Titans’ which is the rugby team. And the logos at the top, both for Melbourne and Gold Coast belong to the NRL teams, not the A-League ones.

Now I believe in the dictum that if you have to choose between a conspiracy and a stuff up, go for the stuff up every time.

However the sloppiness shown here demonstrates the low importance the A-League is given by the most read newspaper in Melbourne.

What would have happened if the opposite occurred? What about if last week the most read newspaper in Melbourne when talking about the Storm – Broncos game had a headline which said ‘Melbourne – Roar’ and Storm was given the Melbourne Victory logo?

I am sure we would have heard quite a bit about it. But this passed unobserved. I guess in the Sport editor’s mind an A-League match is unimportant and can be given to people who are ignorant about it.

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