The Damned United

Went to see ‘The Damned United’ with some of my football friends. My partner didn’t want to see it because it dealt with sport and she wasn’t interested in watching a ‘football movie’.

Of course it isn’t really about football per se, but about the character of Clough and his obsessions and his relationship around him (as explained by Margaret and David).  I some way it is a ‘chick flick’ for males.  The football makes it legit.

Of course as in any interpretation of someones’  life it may not be accurate.  There has been quite a number of articles and blogs disputing the way Clough was characterized both in the film, and the book that preceded it.  Former defender Johnny Giles even won a court case against the author, and here he explains why he took exception to the way he and Clough were portrayed.

Funny to read that Trevor Francis has compared Fabio Capello to  Brian Clough.  Brian would spin in his grave.  After all he called Italians “cheating bastards” and then questioned the Italian nation’s courage in the war.

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