Good things that I liked in 2009.

One Melbourne Victory forum member mentioned this list by Joss Whedon titled ‘Things I Am Grateful For. A heartwarming, spleenpiercing holiday happy list from one of America’s pre-eminent procrastinators.’.

The idea of the list was to highlight things in popular culture that ‘have helped me remember why I don’t spend every minute in a spiral of rage and despair’.

I must admit that I a grateful for more weighty things. Such as the health of people I love, their happiness etc. However there is no doubt that everyday small things make your life more pleasurable.

So here is my list of things that come to mind that have made my life more fun this year (I didn’t include things like Australian Rules Football, Association Football, etc. as I always talk about them here!)

  • iTunes Stores
    Maybe is the librarian in me, but I can’t download music ‘illegally’. I found a great little function in iTunes called ‘wishlist’ where I can search and save all the tunes that eventually I would like to purchase. Great for my late 1970’s early 1980’s post punk compilation.

  • My $40 SD digital set top box
    What a great investment. So what if I still have a CRT TV built 15 years ago? With my set top box I can watch all the digital channels in Standard Definition. And that’s good enough for me.

  • Emma Ayres on ABC Classic Breakfast
    Emma and her southern English dulcet tones wake me up every morning. The choice of classical music is just perfect for that time and much better than listening to a combative Frank Kelly on Radio National.

  • The code wars
    I love the ‘smell the fear..’thread and all the debate about football vs. AFL. Apart from some nasty journos it is really a bit of harmless fun and a bit of a stir. Even better if I manage to get to a comment thread on the Herald Sun.

  • Tutto il calcio minuto per minuto
    Thanks Radio Italia for relaying this football program from RAI (the Italian ABC). Apart from the commentators the program is exactly the same as I remember it as a child, opening theme included. A great way to mix my happy childhood memories and football.

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