How good is that?

Another Grand Final!   How good is that?

Another A-League Grand Final in Melbourne.  How good is that?   Melbourne must have had most of Grand Finals so far in this newish competition.

This will allow me to attend to this spectacle.  And I really hope that Sydney does win next week and meet us at Etihad for the big one.  Firstly because a grand final between the two team that occupied the top two positions for most of the year is justice.  Secondly because a Grand Final between the two biggest cities in Australia would be good for football, and thirdly most importantly for me is that a Sydney win would ensure a spot in the Asian Champion League.  And considering that we are likely to stumble this year I want another shot at it next year.

I know that losing to Sydney would be an issue.  But for me really the main thing is that the code gets a boost whoever win, and I can say that in the scheme of things a Sydney premiership would not be that bad for the competition.  I am happy as long as ‘football is the winner!’

Especially considering that the Australian media still hasn’t given football the attention it should warrant according to the interest it generates.  Les Murray was quite angry about it in his blog.

The 23,000 attendance figure at the SFS for the drama-filled semi final between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory may have disappointed some.

Well, not me, given the low-key treatment the mainstream press gave the event in Sydney prior to its taking place.

It was heartening to see all three metropolitan papers in Sydney leading their sports section the day after the match. But the promotional value for an event comes with the media treatment it gets before it takes place not after it.

In this respect the behaviour of the Sydney media, in particular the Murdoch press, was an utter disgrace.

On that Sunday the Sydney-Melbourne showdown was the biggest sporting event in Sydney by any measure. Yet on the day before the game the Daily Telegraph, Sydney’s biggest selling daily (I’m not sure why), gave less than a tenth of its sports space to the game, burying it, while it dedicated 60 per cent of its allotment to the NRL, which was not due to kick off for another week.

The sleazy, grubby and calculated media resistance to football, five years after Johnny Warren’s death, is alive and well.

The Australian: Tony Abbott’s maternal leave.  How good is that?

The most interesting for me about Tony’s Abbott maternal leave statement is the reaction from the Australian.  If Rudd proposed such a thing he would have been slammed by the Oz from pillar to post as being anti-business and causing massive unemployment never seen since the depression.  But because Abbott said it what do we see?  A smiling mom with her kids saying how good it is.

Cracks are already appearing though.  Not only it is putting business off side.  On closer scrutiny it is also not that equitable either.

There are comments here and there that believe that Abbott will win the elections and we will back into a deep conservative era.  I personally can’t see it.  There have been problems with the Rudd government as with all governments (go back and see the issues and stuff ups which characterised the first Howard term) but it hasn’t been catastrophically bad enough for most voters to wanting change after one term.

Of course the Australian and those in the commentariat (including some at the ABC that follow its stories and should know better) see the narrowing in the polls as proof that Abbott can win.  But Abbott is re-establishing the norm. The approval ratings of Turnbull were so dire that even a drover’s dog (to take the statement of a previous Opposition Leader) would have lift them.

To those thinking that Labor is in trouble I would suggest to follow the excellent blog Mumble.  Since I have followed it has hardly been wrong.

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