Stop Press! Footy saved from evil soccer juggernaut!

Hallelujah! Footy is saved!!!

That headline says a lot about how the Herald Sun, and I expect lots of mainstream media are covering the story. Great outcome for all concerned? This may mean that the FFA can go to FIFA and say that everyone now had come to an agreement and Australia can have a great World Cup?

No. The issue here is that ‘our’ footy is ‘saved’ from an evil external threat. No hiding it really, even the headline on the online version of the article says ‘Footy saved from World Cup threat

This is not an ‘smell the fear’ argument. The AFL is perfectly entitled as a business to ensure that its interests are safeguarded and they would be remiss if they didn’t do so.

What I find annoying is the coverage of the Herald Sun, that instead of looking at the positive aspect of how this arrangement could potentially help the bid, and how great it would be to have the biggest sporting event in the world it went for the ‘world cup as a threat to our footy’ line.

Some of you may dismiss the Herald Sun as a bogon newspaper. However I would say that the HS is still one of the most popular paper in Australia, and the fact that they feel that they have to pander to this ‘football as alien threat’ line is very disappointing.

UPDATE: Chug, analyse what the article actually said on his blog.

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One response to “Stop Press! Footy saved from evil soccer juggernaut!

  1. Alex

    The FFA did start it though. If they had had it sorted out from the outset, announcing their intention to lose the bid to host the welcome (come on – as if it isn’t going to be held in Europe) with a deal already in place, then it is a non-story. As it was, the FFA didn’t have it sorted in advance. FIFA rules dictating who can and can’t do what ARE an external threat, and the Hun’s response, as far as it goes, can be seen to be fair enough.

    Particularly as the only firm, definite practical outcome of the agreement is that the AFL season will be uninterrupted. Will Australia host the world cup as a result of the agreement? Probably not. Will Australia be able to bid with one less impediment? Yes, but so what.

    More importantly, the Hun lives and dies by having its finger on the pulse of the views of its market. And if their concern is footy being excluded by FIFA’s bullying zero sum rules, then fair enough to portray the story that way.

    FWIIW, if Australia does win the right to host the world cup, the Hun will be at the forefront of those cheering it on…

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