The World Cup has started. But will I will be able to watch it in the tropics?

If there are two sporting events that I wait with anticipation these are the Olympics and of course the World Cup.

The World Cup has started, however there is a major disruption to my month of football bonanza.  Ever since I came and live in Australia more than three decades ago, I wanted to go and visit the wonders of tropical Queensland.  The Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Forest the islands etc.  This year is the year where a combination of more favourable financial conditions together with the fact that our son is old enough to appreciate a holiday this trip could happen.  No worries, I thought.  We’ll go in September when the Worl Cup will be done and dusted.  However, a bit of research and some advice from people who lived up there revealed that September may be too humid and wet.  The best time to visit Far North Queensland is in the middle of winter, when the humidity is relatively low, but temperatures are nevertheless in the high 20’s.  This had to be done to coincide with the school holidays which all meant that the trip will be right smang bang the middle of the World Cup.  Well, I will be able to see the first two matches where Australia is involved, and if all the experts are right Australia will be out of the Cup by then.  Also I am relying to the fact that Cairns etc. are touristy places with plenty of European backpackers and perhaps I will be able to access at some point.

I will be happy to report about my trip on this very blog.  This of course depends if I can get access to the internet.  We will see.

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