Writing from the tropics


So my Queensland Tropical Holidays are coming to almost an end. I am writing this from the Whitsundays on an Island called ‘Daydream Island’. I don’t think that it is the real name of the place, but I haven’t found yet what is the real one is. Images conjure up of ‘Fantasy Island’ (the plane! the plane!) and that Kath and Kim episode when everyone went on these sort of resorts. It it not a type of place I usually would go to, but what the heck, for a couple of days a bit of self indulgence can’t harm.

As I have only have a limited time on this terminal (as I am paying by time) I will give some initial impression of the places I have seen. Later when I am on my usual writing spot, without the ‘time left’ on the bottom of the screen.

Cairns. I thought it was going to be a big country town but I was surprised how buzzing it is. It is mainly due to the huge number of visitors, and young backpackers and the tourism industry, but it is very busy – The number of different languages spoken there made me feel very confortable.

Kuranda Very disappointing. While Cairns combined the normal life with tourism here the town is basically all about selling stuff to tourists and day tripperd and therefore lost its soul. Even the remnants hippies are in the deal. Every shop seems to be either an overpriced cafe or a shop selling souvenirs that can be bought much more cheaply at the Victoria Market on a Sunday.

The Atherton Ranges Beautiful place, beautiful climate. The temperature was just right, warm but confortable. Plus I had one of the best espresso coffee I ever drunk in Australia by Mario, a local coffee grower.

Port Douglas An absoute hole of a place. Doncaster Shopping Centre in the tropics. I can’t believe the rich and famous spend their time here. Couldn’t escape the place fast enough.

Daintree Forest/Cape Tribulation The beauty of this place met and exceeded my expecations. It is truly an astounding place and certainly a highlight of my trip. True to its nature it rained all the time but it didn’t matter it was fantastic and I was really happy I made the effort. I even went on a flying fox in it!

Mission Beach A very nice spot. I would spend a lazy week here no problem. It feels like a holiday place, but it hasn’t gone over the board but still has all the essentials. The beach is fantastic as well.

The Whitsundays That’s where I am at the moment. I am in a resort at ‘Daydream Island’ with bars you can drink while still at the pool (which there are three) fountains, buffet bars, open air cinema, etc. It is a bit overwhelming as I am not used to such luxury (they even change your towels every day!) I guess you got to try once in a while!

Anyway my time at the computer is almost finished. If you want to see some of the pics I took perhaps you may be able to access my facebook album. I made it public so it should be accessible.

Cheers to all.


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3 responses to “Writing from the tropics

  1. Alex

    Hey! What’s wrong with Shoppo?!

    Glad you’re having a good time. How much longer have you got?

  2. Andy

    Guido – you should write for a travel magazine. Honest and funny. I would follow your advice on a great coffee and Port Douglas being a hole. Made me laugh. Glad you had a good time, but I’m fearful we’ll lose you every winter to warmer parts of Oz. Getting in early to becoming a ‘grey nomad’?

    • Guido

      No fears Andy. I quite like winter in Melbourne, but the best time to see Far North Queensland is between June August when the humidity and rainfall is low (and there are likely to be less stingers in the water.

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