Back to work, heavier……

Strange. When I was on holidays and I had very limited access to the internet I desperately wanted to write on this blog. Now that I got unlimited access I haven’t written since I came back.

I guess re-adjusting to normal life, my son going to camp, some major possible changes at work, following the elections on other blogs have prevented me from writing. Plus I gained four kilos. Back to the Weight Watchers points on Monday.

Elections usually would be a time where I would write every day. But there is so much better commentary out there why bother? And once I was an ALP member so I could at least pretend to offer my views as a humble rank and filer. But I haven’t been a member for almost ten years now.

Changes in life. I am more excited about the start of the A-League than the elections. Of course I would prefer Julia Gilliard than Tony Abbott that’s for sure, but I can’t really feel a sense of enthusiasm for her Prime Ministership.

Shows up my middle age though. Both the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Australia were born the same year I was, good ol’ Generation Jones.

I actually remember a young Julia Gilliard when she was a member of my branch (Carlton Branch in Victoria) in the 80’s. This branch was pretty active. Being Carlton there were plenty of students there and while mostly they were Socialist Left (the faction Julia belonged) there were plenty of Centre Unity people as well and lively and entertaining debates ensued. I am afraid that Julia and I would have hardly exchanged words. if any. She was the consumate student politician and I regarded them as scary. My attendance was very quiet. I would attend, vote on resolutions and then go home. I remember her getting some stick because she was one of the organiser of a group called ‘Socialist Forum‘ which was like a left wing Fabian Society. Some Centre Unity members thought she was creating a new faction and the fact that the SF had some ex members of the Communist Party made them see red (sort of speak). If you go at the Melbourne University archives you may read the leaflet ‘What is Socialist Forum? written by SF organiser Julia Gillard’. Ah… those were the days….

Anyway I never thought Callum could make the final of MasterChef.

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