A knight in white….hair

Apologies to Paolo Uccello

I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t be sucked in in this election.  Every about it is depressing.  How Labor went all about protecting the borders, the messy ascension of Julia Gilliard and how their stuff up may mean that we may have Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

What’s happening in Australia?  It seems that everytime we get a Liberal Prime Minister he is more conservative and reactionary then the previous one.  I could never imagine someone worse than Howard but there you go.

Even with my disillusionment with Labor their government would be immeasurably more preferable than Tony Abbott.  And it is not like they don’t have a good message, just that the mainstream media seems not interested.  So any message go wasted in what Julia said, what Kevin said and Tony can smile at the cameras and get an uncontested grab in the nightly news, and that’s depressing.

I can say now that if Abbott wins that will be it for me and Australian politics.  I will disengage.  Not that I respect the view of other people that are different from mine.  If we had Turnbull as Prime Minister I would feel much better.  He certainly would have shoved workers with a free market agenda, but at least he would be more socially progressive.  So the majority of Australians and the media want Abbott? Fine, have him.  I am too old to get huffed up and engaged.    I will get by with my soccer, my Italian radio station and my iPod.  Perhaps I can read more books instead or watching Lateline.   Everything can get by without me.


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3 responses to “A knight in white….hair

  1. Ella

    I wish I could be old(er) and make a decision to disengage myself from politics if this election goes the wrong way, however I’m still too young and perhaps too idealistic to shrug my shoulders and say “I don’t care anymore”. My future is at stake and it’s scaring the hell out of me.

    However terrible Labor’s campaign is (and gosh is it terrible), I think Gillard will make a good PM. Even if her opponent wasn’t Abbott, I still would much prefer Labor in charge of the country, the economy and my livelihood. I’d feel a little easier about the whole thing if Turnbull or Hockey were at the helm though, hell – give me Nelson and his incompetent flip flopping over Abbott.

    If only leaving the country was viable.

  2. Alex

    If labor are going to successfully bury the more liberal Liberal leaders then that means that when the Libs get in, the leader will have to be more conservative…

  3. Siobhan

    It looks a little more hopeful this week. Perhaps emigration can wait. (Though I have a flight booked for Rome.)

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