My victory speech

Many blogs posts have been written about the new Australian Government.  I may also contribute later.  But if I was Julia Gillard this is the sort of speech I would have given once I knew that I could create a government.

My fellow Australians,

It’s been a difficult campaign for re-election and from the results we can all see that we have lost a lot of support. We have been able to create a government with the help of the members for Melbourne, Denison, New England and Lyne.  but the message is loud and clear that many Australians weren’t happy about us the way they were three years ago.

I feel that tonight we must take this message and take it on board. As I campaigned around Australia I felt that many voters felt a yearning for someone to show the way, to enthuse them about where Australia can go.  Yes they wanted a competent government that could provide services, but there was a yearning for leadership about the future of our country.  About our soul and about our spirit.  We are a unique country.  A country that still is working towards the conciliation with its original inhabitants.  A country that like me is being formed by migrants, a country that has been one of the most successful in creating a cohesive society with people of different beliefs and cultures.

What a basis to build on.

I feel the most privileged leader of the world to be the Prime Minister of such a country.  A country that has such potential to be even greater than now.  A country that is diverse, vital vibrant.  That welcomes diversity instead of fearing it.

My fellow Australians.  As I reflect on the results of the election and the opportunity to be Prime Minister, I also have to confess that I and the Labor Party didn’t act on this belief.  Instead of believing in the future. Lead and forge ahead towards a clear path we were too fearful and we have paid a price for it.

In areas such as Climate Change we could have done better. I feel now that we as a government have been too timid. We as a government didn’t take the trust and the mandate given to us by the Australian people and made decisions which voters expected us to take.

It is true that worrying too much about how popular you are can be as dangerous as not taking any heed of what people believe. In politics there is a fine balance between wanting to be safe and popular and take courageous decisions. I believe that in the process of being wanting to be safe we lost our way. That instead of being popular voters thought that we didn’t stand for much. So instead of holding our ground we lost it.

Well, tonight as your Prime Minister I can say that my government will now take a different stand. We will be a true Labor government. A Labor government in the tradition of Withlam, Hawke and Keating that will make decisions to place Australia in the best position for this century. This time we will be confident about what we do. The times where the Labor party felt like it had to justify its economic credentials because it allowed itself to be portrayed as the Party which was less able to manage the economy are over. We are now stating clearly and categorically that we are the best managers of the economy as we have proven in the past three years. We are the best party for workers and to to provide infrastructure for a growing economy. And we are the best party to ensure that our population is sustainable without resorting to latent xenophobia.

Now comes the time where we are entrusted to lead we need to do so.

I want a confident Australia, I want an inclusive Australia.  I don’t want an Australia where we are ruled buy what can’t be done.

I make this promise to the Australian people.  I will lead for a confident Australia.  Even with the Parliament we have been given by the Australian people this will be possible.  I will lead in order to maximise the great potential this country has.

I refuse to be ruled by fear, and I am sure my fellow Australians agree with me.

Thank you.

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