The school Fete.

Today is School Fete day, I know that I shouldn’t say this…but I never have been a big fan of the school fete. Maybe it is one of the few differences between my childhood and my son’s, but I can’t remember my Primary School in Italy setting a Sunday aside for fund raising. Maybe its changed there as well. And anyway, we been reading in the Australian how the Labor government has showered schools with money. I am sure that if they matched dollar for dollar anything that a fete would have raised so this annual event wouldn’t need to be organised, Labor would now be sitting on a whopping majority instead of relying on independents and the Greens to govern.

Also I can confess here that I never been a enthusiastic participant, except for when my son was at prep or first year, but the novelty factor tends to drop sharply after that.

I am always surprised what a massive undertaking it is too. People may reminisce about their school fetes 30 years ago with a few stalls and a pony ride if lucky. Now these fetes have become massive events, with rides that rival the Royal Show, stalls selling everything – and because our school is in prime inner Green voting Melbourne just the humble strawberry jam won’t do. It has to include things like biodynamic certified organic African Kasundi. And the coffee has to be done with a proper machine using Arabica beans, not a Robusta to be seen.

The planning starts months in advance and I do wonder whether some sort of rivalry exists amongst schools. Anyway for me it will be the last one as my son will be in High School next year. I am sure there will be other activities that I will have to be involved in. Of course parents have to be involved, but c’mon what’s the advantage of having older kids if they can’t be independent? “It’s your school son, you go and volunteer for something, here $20”.

Anyway, hats off to those parents (and they are always the same ones) that actually get off their butts and do something, unlike me who while does volunteer places the fete places it at the ‘getting the tartar scraped off by your dentist’ enthusiasm sort of level.

Is it Monday yet?

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