The library is now closed

I don’t usually write about my work on my blog.  Mainly because I am wary about using something which is a personal hobby to comment on my professional life.  However in this case my professional life intersects with my work one.

Tomorrow I will be sitting in a new place at work,  The library where I was the only librarian, the Earth Sciences Library has been in the process of amalgamation with a bigger one on the university campus.  I am not against this move.  I knew it was going to happen ever since I took on the job and in a way I am relieved that it has happened and I don’t have to think about it anymore.  There is however a tinge of sadness in thinking that from tomorrow I won’t be placed in my own little library, but also a bit sad to think that this library that was in existence ever since the Department of Geology was created at the University of Melbourne is no more.

There is also a personal dimension about this move.  I have studied at this library in my undergraduate years, and to think back then I would never imagined in a million years that I would become a librarian, the librarian of that library and the last one to boot.   It gave me a sense of continuity to think that I was working in a place that I used back in my twenties.

But time to move on.  And really as someone who got retrenched twice, I a grateful that I still have a job and one which still is being a librarian in the area of the earth sciences.

I will think of the old library fondly.  I hope that the space will be used well.

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