Melbourne Celtic Fans call for AAMI boycott

Message on facebook:


Ghirls & Bhoys,
Over the past month a group of Melbourne based Celtic supporters have been planning a large green & white streamer and tickertape display that would cover the entire Celtic away section. This is no easy task and many hours have been put into this by members of the Melbourne Celtic family. We have been informed by AAMI Park that they would rather a sterile atmosphere and have banned the Celtic display.

Sure Celtic supporters have done similar displays in the Camp Nou, Hampden Park, Celtic Park, San Siro, Emirates, Old Trafford and even the Bigotdome, but AAMI Park says no.

In response to their nanny state policy, Celtic supporters backed by the CSC’s across Australia are calling on fans attending the game at AAMI Park to Boycott purchasing food and drink inside the stadium as a protest to their ridiculous policy.

Spread the word amongst the Celtic Family on line and join in on the protest. To find out more about events on the night of the game, make sure you get to the Huddle at 1pm in the city, pre game drinks at either the Pint on Punt or the Westpac Centre.

Let the People Sing……


Welcome to the everyday world of a Melbourne Victory active supporter.

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