How to make AAMI Park fully a football stadium.

Neil Lennon, the coach of Celtic wrote these two tweets about the match with Melbourne Victory:

Great atmosphere in Melbourne last night felt like a proper game…stadium was fantastic

Which is of course great, but then:

Hope they put dug outs in the grounds in Oz for next time…we got drenched last night

And I was thinking why AAMI Park, which after all is supposed to be a football stadium doesn’t have proper dug outs, or at least some shelter for coaches, staff etc.

I know that as the A-League is played mainly in summer, maybe shelter is not a priority. However it is a shame to have such a great football stadium without this feature (especially if we will be hosting more foreign teams during winter).

Also to me, having plastic camping chairs looks a bit amateurish. They have a place at a backyard BBQ, not at a prime football stadium. I think it was Durakovic that held an umbrella when it rained, not really a good look.

Something like this could be just be placed when matches are on and removed if necessary.

I wonder whether the architects, despite their good efforts in building a stadium for football, still didn’t ‘get it’ when it came to those in the technical area. When some of us went to the AAMI Park tours we were shown the ‘coaches boxes’ with their phones, heaters, TVs, Air conditioning etc. on level 2 as a marvellous feature, but many Victory fans commented, as I did, that they were useless for football, as coaches stay on side of the pitch. I don’t know about Rugby League coaches. Do they also stay up in their box communicating with phones as AFL coached do?

Besides, shelters provide an opportunity for more advertising. Fox sport should be on it.

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