Blogging is not in anymore

I have been thinking how I am not blogging as much anymore.

And lo and behold I came across an article that listed one by one all the reasons why I don’t come here to pour my thoughts as much.  This link was provided by a new blog by the journalist Annabel Crabb, who was wondering  whether she was starting a blog when everyone else were abandoning theirs.  Of course Ms. Crabb is a different kettle of fish (sorry….I’ll get my coat) ahem… by the fact that she is a paid journalist and her job is to give analysis of events, while the majority of blogger did it as a hobby, and if there isn’t any major focus it is easy to just let it lapse.

Going back to the article it cites why blogs are fewer than before and many are inactive.

”Microblogging platforms such as Tumblr have been a great success because these sites tend to be used by people re-sharing images and quotes, rather than writing high-quality, in-depth blog posts,” Experian’s Matt Glasner says.

Who has the time and patience to pore over a 500-page critique on the refugee crisis when you can spit out a quick status update on Facebook or a witty 140-character tweet?

This is true.  But for me is also the fact that life, and my motivations and interests have moved on.  I never intended or wanted my blog to be read by millions, and it was really a way for me to place in order many of my thoughts in some sort of order, and I often wrote thinking no one would read it.  On the other hand I know that people that I know have read this blog and this sort of stops me from being outlandish and maybe go over the top in case I risk offending someone.
Believe or not I have been blogging almost continuously for some time.  I can’t pinpoint the date when I started (as my first blog’s host went belly up and I lost all my posts) but In do remember it was when Simon Crean was opposition leader so it must have been in 2003.  And that’s the other tale.  When I started blogging I wanted to do something a bit different, something that would make it interesting to read. So my intention was to comment of ALP politics from the view of a humble rank and file member (my first blog’s name was Rank and Vile..ha ha ha hilarious).  But slowly my interest in the ALP and then mainstream politics started to wane until I lapsed as an ALP member.  I still continued to write about politics but I always found that there were other bloggers that were writing what I thought much better.  Now I am basically fairly disinterested in mainstream politics altogether.  So that’s not a huge topic of conversation fro me anymore.
The other passion is football (aka soccer).  I have written about it, but I am absolutely ignorant about tactics, systems and players.  My main interest is how the sport is being seen as a foreign sport, and how it somehow allows the anxiety of many Australians about ‘foreign’ cultures to come out without the risk of sounding xenophobic (which it is).  But you can write so much about that without repeating the same argument.
So I could turn this blog into a reflection of being a cantankerous middle age men, which I am becoming.  But really, unless you are a skilled writer it is better to read professionals in places like the ‘Good Weekender’ in The Age which do a much better job.
So where to with this blog?  I am not really sure.  After all this years I would feel sad to just abandon it.  Although it would be also be wrong to keep it barely alive through false pretenses.

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