Hey Guys..anyone want to donate to a charity while I run?

I you read the previous post you know that I am training for the City2Sea Fun Run.

Part of running this (apart from proving to myself I can still be relatively fit, even if overweight) is to raise money of the charity of my choice.  It is sort of part of the Movember thing, but instead of growing a moustache I am running (much to the relief of my family).

The charity I have chosen is the Mental Illness Fellowship of Victoria.  This organisation is Victoria’s leading membership based not-for-profit organisation working with people with mental illness, their families and friends to improve their well being.

Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria

So this is a brazen request to donate some money.  But how can I do this I hear you cry?  I may have never met you!  Have no fear.

The people at the City2Sea have organised everything.  Once I registered for the run I was given a little website where people can donate with cards B-Pay and all these new modern fangled things – http://www.mycause.com.au/mycause/raise_money/fundraise.php?id=49127.

This will also give you a receipt so you can claim a deduction come tax time.

So please anything will be appreciated!

Yours in exertion.



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