Who’s that fat bloke running?

Concentrating putting a foot in front of the other

I waited until I got my ‘official’ photo before I was going to write about my City2Sea run.  Unfortunately not all the photoes that were taken were that complementary.  As I was concentrating on the run I wasn’t conscious that a photo was going to be taken, otherwise I would have tried to run sideways so that my fat gut was facing the camera, rather than being on profile. So I picked this one because I am the main subject, as in the other ones I was part of a crowd.

Anyway, there is no hiding that I am yet to achieve my ideal weight.  According to the ‘Body Mass Index’ calculator I fall into the ‘obese’ range and the maximum weight in my range would be 87 Kg. which would be a substantial 21Kg weight loss from my present 108 Kg. and considering I am the typical ‘smell food and gain weight’ type of person that target looks pretty much out of range.  However that doesn’t mean that I just give up an stuff the nearest Neenish Tart into my face.  I will try to drop a Kg here and there and see how far I go.

And going to things such as the City2Sea is part of that plan.  Since I started training for it I have lost 6 Kg.  Having an aim really helps me getting motivated.  When I felt that I couldn’t be stuffed I then thought that I needed to keep to the schedule if I wanted to complete the run.  Also you may have read a previous post about this run, where I wrote that I participaed in the City2Surf in Sydney almost 20 years ago.  I can’t remember how much time I took in that run, but the fact that I am still able to run that distance and not feel totally shagged at the end makes me feel that I still an quite fit for my age.  Sure,  I didn’t actually set the world on fire.  If you look at my overall results  in my age range (50-59) out of 626 runners I came 422th but the main thing is arriving and feel comfortable afterwards, which I did, as you can see from this photo taken after the race.

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The run itself was pretty good and I didn’t go out really quickly early so i was able to keep a good pace throughout.  The event was very well organised and  I am planning to run it again next year.  It didn’t have the same sense of event that I remembered from Sydney.  However the City2Surf has been going on for 41 years and attracts almost 80,000 participants, so we may have to give it time.

I was also able to exceed my target for my chosen charity as you can see here.  So I take this opportunity to thank everybody who donated.  And special thanks to Alex that dis so all the way from the UK.  The wonders of modern technology!

Now that I am not exercising to the same intensity as when I was following the training schedule for the run, the challenge is not to slowly gain the weight that I lost but lose some more With Christmas looming and holidays etc. the discipline to run for 70 or 90 minutes is a cinch, compared to being presented with sumptuous plentiful food.  I just need to remember that an extra slice of pudding is worth half an hour of hills running.  That should standing me in good stead.

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