So why Association Football seems to be the punching bag?

I actually have quite a bit of time for Kristina Keneally.  She courageously took on the role of being NSW Premier when the ALP government was on its last legs and was on a hiding to nothing and while staring at defeat she continued with dignity.  I admired her on Q&A with her progressive views (especially on same sex marriage) being a practising Catholic.  However, as it always happens when someone who I like say something which I think is wrong, I was quite disappointed when she wrote this tweet after the NBL Grand Final.



A great end to @NBL season- attendance up all year, no licenses revoked/returned, great grand final, no controversial calls in last min….

Obviously that was a dig at the A-League.  As the Chair of the Basketball Australia it is understandable that she is publicising the sport, but why the disparaging remarks about football?  This is not the first time that a non major sport took pot shots at football.

Back in March, V8 Supercars boss Tony Cochrane said:

“Any fair dinkum sport in this country has to be on free-to-air TV. You can be on all those other platforms, but if you’re not on free-to-air, you’re simply not a fair dinkum sport,”

“For that reason, I don’t think we’re sitting here worrying too much about what the A-League are going to do – whichever A-League it is this week.”

I guess that unlike Keneally’s tweet which appears to have come out of the blue, this was in response of a direct question about TV rights.  But Cochrane didn’t need to be so nasty about football and A-League in his response.  So while  I have written before about soccerphobia amongst the most popular sports such as Australian Rules and Rugby League, it seems that even those who share the second tier as football (in the domestic sense anyway, because few sport can match the interest generated by the National Football Team) want to go in for the chop.  Which I can’t understand why.

Maybe basketball is pissed off that football gets more coverage in the media than them and also got money from government and they haven’t (I think they do have a point there, basketball is also a world sport and has a high participation amongst youth).  But frankly it seems to me like the small kids want to join the big kids in bullying the kid who may be in trouble at the moment.  Can’t understand why.  Is being disparaging about Association Football some sort of Aussie cultural practice?  Because I don’t remember the FFA chortling away when in  2008, the NBL terminated the Sydney King’s team’s licence and the owners were unable to pay player salaries.



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3 responses to “So why Association Football seems to be the punching bag?

  1. daslibero

    It’s hard to fathom Gweeds, Is there an extent to which people acknowledge how popular soccer could or should be and just can’t get over how incompetently it is run? Such a game is seen as deserving of attack in that way of thinking. I don’t know.

  2. daslibero

    Oh and any chance of linking neos osmos?

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