How lucky I am. Without Wifi

I am writing this in a holiday home on the South Gippsland coast without any wifi.  I’ll post this when I will have access to it but I must admit this self enforced withdrawal from social media is beneficial.

The lure of Twitter and Facebook is to be continuously sucked into the vortex of opinions, information and often outrage.  My brain is continously bombarded with stuff, and I can’t get away from it.  I am addicted to it.  Like the gambler wanting to know what the next push of the button will bring to the poker machine, I am addicted to the continous stream of data emanating from social media.

So this enforced break from it is a form of detox.  One thing that social media prevents me from doing is blogging (that I am doing now) and reading.  I’ve been on holidays for four days and I’ve already finished a book and started another.  My nights are filled with turning the pages of a real book, rather than scrolling my iPad to read my twitter feed.

The other bad influence of social media is that I go to bed really late. So late in fact that most Australian tweeters disappear from my timeline and only the Italian ones remains.  This means that I average 5 hours of sleep per night.  Here I’ve slept 8 to 9 hours, easy.  And the main thing is that I’ve allowed my brain to dream more, I do wonder whether my longer sleep period has allowed a more natural pattern of sleep periods.  People sometimes say that they don’t dream.  Of course they do, their brains could not operate without dreaming, but often we don’t remember them. But here I’ve had lots that I remember.  One very pleasant one was that I was 21 again and back at Uni doing a degree in musical history.  The fact that I dreamt that I was in a lecture theatre learning about Italian Renaissance music rather than at the pub is something that some analysis may reveal.

Will this pattern of reading and sleeping more and use social media less continue once I am back at home with readily accessible wifi and internet?  We will have to see.  Not putting pressure on myself.  I am just between tweets.

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