How twitter made me realise I was wrong.


To paraphrase Pat Benatar ‘Twitter is a battlefield’

It has become from a place where people just twitted things like ‘It’s a nice day today!’ to changing political landscapes and ultimately the favourite method of communication for the current president of the United States.

People have lost jobs over tweets  (hello Scott McIntyre and Catherine Deveny) so while I am addicted there is always the danger that I may tweet something really inappropriate.

Faux pas or stupid statements that once could be limited at the pub or family dinners now can be retweeted and commented worldwide in matters of minutes, all from the comfort of your own phone.

But while twitter can amplify your own belief and prejudices in a social media bubble, in some cases can show you that you were wrong.

A case in point was last Saturday night during the A-League Sydney derby.  I was …ahem..watching it from my computer (wink wink) and following twitter at the same time.  And I saw this.

I don’t know why but I thought that the figure was Donald Trump (which in the light of things makes me look even more stupid) and that the Sydney Western Wanderers RBB were making a (albeit rude) political statement.

Perhaps it was reading both anti-Trumps and football tweets at the same time that made me make that assumption.  The RBB have made lefty statements before. Anyway I tweeted:

As the night went on people tweeted their disapproval.  Maybe they were too sensitive?  But it was a tweeter thread by Anna Harrington made me see something that I should have realised, that whether that figure was Trump or Arnie, the banner had homophobic connotations, and I was wrong in expressing my approval.

I think Anna makes the case much better than I could.  So I will just put her thread here.




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