Confessions of a Twitter fence sitter

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I usually managed to stay away from twitter stouches.  I am often tempted but the couple of times that I tried to go in hard I came out battered.  I am really bad at twitter wars.

But sometimes being let’s say a bit wishy-washy has not inoculated me from criticism that on twitter I am a fence sitter.  A bit of a ‘run with the hare and hunt with the hounds’ sort of guy.

I sometimes (but rarely get these tweets) like I got one today.

“Guido you sit on so many fences on so many issues I’m surprised your backside isn’t full of splinters.”

How do I react to that?  Well…he’s right and wrong….;)  Just kidding.  But yes.  There can be the impression from Twitter that I may look like someone who agree with both sides.  This impression can be derived from various factors.  Primarily is Twitter itself in the way it is structured tends to disadvantage positions that are not black and white.  Also it is a very bad vehicle to make rational arguments.

The Stajcic sacking – a good example

The tweet above came from the shitstorm that has occurred on SokkahTwitter about the Stajcic sacking.  My position is that:

  • The FFA has fucked up this in a big way
  • If I have to choose between a conspiracy and a stuff up I go for the stuff up every time.

Now this has proven to some people that I don’t take a position on twitter either way.  That’s true. While I think that the FFA handled the Stajcic issue extremely badly I also think that this issue has been used as a vehicle for those that state that EVERYTHING THAT THE FFA IS BAD. Which for me is not a logical position.  The FFA does things badly, and I have said that before and deserve criticism but the fact that it is responsible for every single thing that is bad in Australian football is something I can’t agree with.  What I see is that there is a number of people who are against the FFA, or an axe to grind against them for a variety of reasons that are using this as a great opportunity to give the FFA another kick.  And any journalist who may have the temerity of saying that we may need the whole picture (or even a humble tweeter like yours truly) is immediately labelled as an “FFA stooge”.

The other thing that -at this stage- I don’t agree with is that there is a ‘feminist plot’ to install a female Matildas coach.  I haven’t seen any proof of it and the fact that this was the case apart from some hearsay reported in the media.  This image has been put up on social media as the ‘smoking gun’ but to me it doesn’t prove anything.


Again any attempt to question this AS A CERTAINTY is seen as being an FFA acolyte.  And the fact that we may not be able to discount this fact entirely (because we can’t) then may be seen as ‘sitting on the fence’.


I couldn’t fit the ‘retweets are not endorsements’ in my twitter bio.  But I retweet everything (as long as not racist, xenophobic, misogynist, libellous etc.) even stuff that I disagree with because I think twitter is a great way to exchange ideas.  Again on the Stajcic issue I not only retweeted this controversial Bonita Mersiades article but I paraphrased it by including the twitter handles of the people she was criticising, even if I didn’t agree with it and I agreed more with Lucy Zelic.

Well … if that is fence sitting….guilty as charged!

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