My Omicron experience

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I find threads on twitter about how people experienced their COVID infection a bit boring. Yes there is the cough then the headache etc. etc. Some gets it worse than others I guess that’s no different than other infections I guess.

One of the things that irritate me is when people with agendas use their own experience and project it. From those who say ‘It was like a cold…what people are afraid of’ “It was the worse experience of my life fuck the mild, it wasn’t mild at all’. I am no expert but I suspect that our genetics, vaccine situations etc. determine how a virus will affect us. Is a bit like the vaccine. For some it knocks them out for a day or so while for others hardly anything. So this is my experience. It doesn’t mean that my body is better or worse, weaker of stronger, is what it is.

I had much worse (boomer alert)

Being old means that as a child I went through a series of childhood infections because there weren’t vaccines then. So I did measles, mumps, and chickenpox. I think I also think I had rubella (my sister had it). I also remember I had something that involved lots of pain in my ear and fever up to the high 30’s

I also contracted the Hong Kong Flu in 1968 when I was 7. And that was also a pandemic. I remember my ears whistling because of the fever. The last flu I remember catching was in 1983 where I was almost passing out when I had to get out of bed.

I also had worse symptoms for bog standard colds.

Tiredness and fever

With Omicron my nose remained normal, no dripping etc. I also had no headache. The two main symptoms were the ‘spicy cough’ and feeling fatigued after a routine task (such as hanging out the washing) and a bit of fever (the highest it got was 38.8)

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Can’t smell my farts or anyone else’s

The thing about having the whole household with COVID is that we have we have all lost the capacity to smell farts. Our own and each other. On one hand that a same (about smelling mine) but also I am now able to let fluffy off the chain with happy abandon instead of using the ‘deep seat technique’ or other methods when watching TV. Of course it’s the same for other members of my family but no smell no tell.

Things taste different

I didn’t lose any sense of taste, but I gave noticed a change. One thing is that I had a slight bitter taste in my mouth all the time. Then the bitter taste was enhanced in certain things, for instance both tea and coffee tasted much more bitter. At the height of the symptoms I had to abandon a cup of tea it was so bitter. Also the level of sweetness decreased. I am happy to report that my sense of taste is returning to normality.

So there you have it. I did have mild symptoms and attribute that to the fact that I had my two Astra Zeneca shots and a booster on Christmas’ Eve. The drive all the way to South Morang was worth it. Try to get your third dose if you haven’t already ASAP!

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