About the Accidental Australian

The Accidental Australian is Guido. Migrated with his family from Northern Italy when he just finished his childhood and starting his adolescence, he had no say in the matter (therefore that’s is why he is an ‘accidental’ Australian).

Still he loves Australia, a country which has an enormous potential to be a great society as long as it doesn’t fall back on its own insecurities.

Guido himself was born in the early 60’s. Making him a member of Generation Jones.

Guido’s politics are on the centre left. Was an ALP member for 20 years but left after his life priorities took him elsewhere and felt that the ALP moved too much to the right for his liking. Has voted Green but somewhat is diffident of their ‘holier than thou’ attitude.

He is a keen Association Football supporter (sometimes called ‘soccer’) and is interested in how football can show some aspects of how mainstream Australia relates to cultural differences. Also follows Carlton in the Australian Football League.

If you want to contact him his email address is:

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