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Herald-Sun hypocrisy – again

The subject of  how the mainstream media, especially the populist one treats Association Football has been a continual subject of this blog.  Now we have such a blatant example of bias that we could call it a smoking gun.

Last Friday during the Carlton – Collingwood match a fan was bashed when he confronted a group of five men who he said were hurling abuse at two elderly ladies.  The story is here.  He had to go to hospital.  I don’t recall the story to being given any prominence in the online version of the Herald-Sun.  So much so it didn’t attract any comments.

Today there was a story about a group of people attacking security guards at a Victorian Premiership match between  Heidelberg United and Melbourne Knights at the Olympic Reserve in Heidelberg West.  This story is in the front page of the online version of the paper, attracting the inevitable ‘anti-soccer’ comments.

Where to start?  In the first place the AFL match was at the highest level of the game.  The match on Sunday was a Victorian match played in a reserve.  It would be like placing an incident on the front website that occurred between Sandringham and Werribee.

Then look at the stories.  The AFL incident is linked to alcohol.


Mr Eglezos said he blamed the encouragement of drinking as the cause of the problem.

“The crowd was rowdy and really hostile,” he said.

“I’ve been going to Carlton games for years and it appears more and more to me that Friday night matches are there to encourage drinking.

“There was nowwhere near enough security and the drinking was out of control.

That is probably true no doubt.  But there wasn’t any linking between the violence and the game itself.  Now look at the soccer story.


The latest incident comes just two months after a senior policeman branded soccer fans the most violent of any sporting code.

Superintendent Rod Wilson said police were reluctant to cover Melbourne Victory games after being assaulted by fans.


It’s not alcohol ITS THE FANS THEMSELVES – SOCCER FANS ARE EVIL.  And of course the Herald-Sun links this totally unrelated incident to a beatup story about how ‘violent’ Melbourne Victory fans are besmirching Melbourne Victory and the A-League.  By this reasoning then we should blame the AFL for a brawl at the Essendon District League on the weekend.

Have you read the truth or did you read it in the Herald-Sun?

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Sign of how much importance some media gives to football?

I try not to be one of these ‘chip on your shoulder’ Association Football supporters that bores the shit out of everyone with all the stories about how ‘soccer’ is being treated by the media etc. But sometimes you wonder.

Have a look at this page from the Herald Sun from Friday, September 25 (thanks to someone’s on the ‘four four two forum’ for scanning this).
Now, for those who don’t know this item features the match played last Saturday between Gold Coast United and Melbourne Victory in the A-League.

The comparable teams in the National Rugby League are Melbourne Storm and the Gold Coast Titans.

You can see that whoever did that feature at the Herald-Sun got all of it mixed up. Gold Coast United have been named ‘Titans’ which is the rugby team. And the logos at the top, both for Melbourne and Gold Coast belong to the NRL teams, not the A-League ones.

Now I believe in the dictum that if you have to choose between a conspiracy and a stuff up, go for the stuff up every time.

However the sloppiness shown here demonstrates the low importance the A-League is given by the most read newspaper in Melbourne.

What would have happened if the opposite occurred? What about if last week the most read newspaper in Melbourne when talking about the Storm – Broncos game had a headline which said ‘Melbourne – Roar’ and Storm was given the Melbourne Victory logo?

I am sure we would have heard quite a bit about it. But this passed unobserved. I guess in the Sport editor’s mind an A-League match is unimportant and can be given to people who are ignorant about it.

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