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White Ribbon Day – spare me your sop stories guys – This is different.

Yesterday was White Ribbon Day.  Joni at Blogocrats posted about it and placed a youtube video of Kevin Rudd launching the campaign.

Inevitably it had a series¬† of ‘what about us’ responses by males who told stories about how they, or friends were treated after their divorces by their female ex spouses.

Oh guys pleease…spare me the ‘women have done me wrong’ stories, especially for this occasion.

The whole idea of White Ribbon day is to eliminate violence against women by promoting culture-change around the issue, especially in males.

Everytime there is something about violence against women out come these stories from men feeling aggrieved about one ex-wife/partner of the other. Yes they are nasty. Yes I can see there is emotional blackmail and enormous distress about these situations. Yes I can see how men feel angry and despondent about it. but here we are talking about violence.

That is women who are in constant fear that the men that they thought they loved will lash out and physically against them.

Australian Crime: Facts and Figures 2005, state that most domestic violence victims are female (82 per cent) and most assaults occur at home. Of all recorded assaults in Australia in 2003, 65 per cent occurred in private dwellings.

These are statistics. Not figures plucked in the air by conspiratorial man-hating separatist feminists


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