Melbourne the ‘Sporting Capital of the World’ – But do not mention football.

I love Melbourne and I love Victoria. I am very happy to be considered an adopted member of this city and state.

However as in any love affairs there are a couple of things that can irritate you. One is that as ‘the second city’ and ‘second state’ there is an inferiority complex, and anything that makes Melbourne bigger and better is grasped upon and repeated at nauseaum. Also it makes us a bit insular.

One of course is that Melbourne is the ‘World’s most liveable city’ because one survey back in the 1990’s said so. Doesn’t matter that there have been a myriad of surveys since then that have placed other cities above Melbourne. That statement has been banded about for years as holy writ.

Now we have another survey to brag about. Apparently Melbourne has been deemed to be the World’s best sport city by SportBusiness Sports Event Management Awards. Expect Victorian politicians and Lord Mayors of Melbourne repeating this for the years to come, even if other cities may take the mantle in the meantime.

Of course the media (especially the tabloid) will also dine out on this. This has already started with a survey by the Herald Sun. But have a look at this, and see what’s missing.

Yes we got every team possible, except the one that, I would argue, has had the most following along with the Melbourne Storm, that’s right, there is no Melbourne Victory.

As I said before, if I have to choose between a conspiracy and a stuff up I would go for the stuff up every time. Despite this it is pretty damning that the most read newspaper in Victoria would omit Melbourne Victory in a survey of ‘non AFL teams’ and include the Melbourne Rebels that is not yet a team at all as the license was just awarded yesterday.

The other thing is that it is ironic that the survey boasts the sport capital credentials of Melbourne, and ignores the only World Sport par excellence.


Update – Ha ha ha! I wrote to their feedback page (as I am sure others have done) and now Melbourne Victory has been included.

Maintain the Rage Comrades!

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One response to “Melbourne the ‘Sporting Capital of the World’ – But do not mention football.

  1. Well done Guido! An outrageous omission in the first place.

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