HELP! I am hooked on anti soccer hate following

I nonchalantly scroll the tweets.  Yes Abbott is a douchebag.  Yes, Murdoch is the embodiment of evil……Soccer crowds are violent and un-Australian…WHAT?!  I can feel the adrenaline surging. Who said that. There is a link? it must be oh God this is great!  I am going to feel angry and pissed off!!

Why do I get this rush when there is an anti-soccer article?  Why do I respond?  Why do get hooked in the arguments when I know they are ultimately irrelevant and they say the same thing over and over?

The internet is so good for a soccer hate junkie like me.  You got the immediacy of twitter, and the longer explanations in Facebook.  Then there are the comments after an article from an online newspaper.  These are the best because you get those who have never been to a match and mix their xenophobia with soccer hating. Oh Joy!  two things I can’t stand in one!!  What a perfect combination!  And we are so lucky to have the Herald Sun whose readers are constant fodder for inane anti soccer comments and bigotry.

Yes I am Guido Tresoldi and I am a soccer hate follower.  I feel dirty but I HAVE TO search for Malcolm Conn tweets.  I don’t follow him…but I do searches of him.  I have to have a hit….

Oh yes …give it to me Malcolm…give me more!  You mean beast!!  We haven’t had anything from Rita Panahi for so long!!

But dismissing some Cricket Media guy with an agenda or an AFL loving Andrew Bolt wannabee from some outer suburban area of Melbourne is one thing.  But what about when they are people that you usually admire? WHAT ABOUT IF THEY BELONG TO YOUR POLITICAL SIDE?!!

John Birmingham hasn’t written anti soccer articles for a very long time.  Last Monday article by Martin McKenzie-Murray doesn’t count, as he likes football.  The fact that he writes of the lefty publication The Saturday Paper  and that article was written in the Guardian  – another lefty newspaper – that it is usually quite pro football,  has created conflicted feelings for an Australian Guardianista like me.  However this article did gave a free kick (see what I did there?) to authentic soccer haters to jump in.  Martin may not have realised it but he did a Graham Richardson.  You know when you are a Labor person but writes anti-ALP articles in an anti ALP paper so that the anti ALP people can have verification of their own beliefs.   And of course another writer that is politically on my side Bernard Keane that writes for Crikey.

Bernard is someone who just doesn’t like soccer.    HE REALLY HATES IT.  Must admit that poor Bernard, looking from his profile photoes, looks like a chap that hates lots of things. Cheer up Bernard.  Nevertheless if I have to boycott the Saturday Paper, the Guardian and Crikey what a Chardonnay, caffelatte sipping, middle class, teritary educated, chattering class, lovvie, inner suburban living socialist like me is supposed to read?

I can’t stop.  I hate it but I love it at the same time.  I agree with some on people that follow me on twitter that responding is a waste of time but something inside me compels me to type a response.

I am not alone in this of course.  Most of the people that I follow on twitter are left leaning as well.  And I see them trawling through the Murdoch papers being ourtaged by the ilks of Miranda Devine.  And on Sunday mornings my timeline is flooded by irate tweets of people watching Gerard Henderson on Insider or even more hard core, the Bolt Report.

Actually this phenomenon has been well documented.  It seems that for some of us the feeling of feeling angry and outraged is addictive.  It must release some chemicals in the brain.  Monique Schafter did a report on it on the ‘Big Beast’ a while ago.

So Soccer haters.  Go forth and tweet!

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